Barbara Romeril can help you get results through:

  • Evaluation, service reviews
  • Writing, Editing, Documentation
  • Policy analysis, Submission writing
  • Strategic planning, Business planning, Project management
  • Facilitation and mediation
  • Grant seeking
  • Mentoring your leaders
  • Public speaking, Media liaison, Campaign planning
  • Lobbying decision makers

We are based in Melbourne, available for statewide and interstate work and interested in international collaborations.

Recent projects include:

  • Co-ordinated the successful collaborative tenders for agencies across three jurisdictions to deliver innovative web-based services to vulnerable consumers
  • Conducted confidential interviews to debrief staff affected by a traumatic incident and to distil ideas for management action to further support personnel
  • Reviewed a statewide training program to identify strengths and areas for improvement to support implementation of the organisation’s ambitious strategic plan
  • Reviewed an outreach program to people at risk of homelessness to support transparency and identify strengths and areas for improvement

Previous projects include:

  • Assisted a government funding body to analyse evidence of compliance with the funding agreement by a funded agency
  • Led a strategic reform project to deliver outcomes sought by a community service organisation through fundamental organisational reform and renewal, including its governance model, management model and service model
  • Conducted an organisational health assessment of a community service organisation to assist it in negotiations with its funding body
  • Drafted a business case to government to fund a statewide legal service for vulnerable small businesses
  • Conducted a review of a community service organisation to build its capacity to resolve the challenges it was facing as soon as possible in order to institute a course of action to return the organisation to stability
  • Developed a critical analysis of the business case for a community service organisation to enter into delivery of early childhood education and care services in partnership with a commercial developer
  • Assisted a national peak body to establish systematic planning and monitoring of its contact with politicians to strengthen its advocacy
  • Evaluated an innovative community arts project which used a partnership approach between the education sector, the arts sector and the housing sector to design and construct a demountable home to serve as the centrepiece of a community drama performance to raise awareness of homelessness
  • Drafted a policy paper for a national peak body advocating a range of potential funding models to provide certainty to member agencies
  • Conducted a scoping project to develop advice to a government agency on a service model to trial in a regional area experiencing particular disadvantage
  • Drafted a successful funding submission to enable a national peak body to conduct ground breaking longitudinal research into the capacity of the community sector to engage in and sustain quality improvement in early years services
  • Developed detailed operational models for a new children’s hub in a regional growth area, including exploration of innovative architectural design to support the local council’s goals for integrated service delivery
  • Supported a newly formed national peak body to develop a consensus on its strategic direction, including travel throughout Australia to consult directly with members with diverse priorities and development of practical resources to support grassroots advocacy and national governance
  • Conducted a workshop to enable the Board of a statewide peak body to plan the implementation of its governance review, including documentation of the process and outcomes to inform funding bodies and other stakeholders of the organisation’s commitment to high standards in governance
  • Evaluated a new child and family hub in the western suburbs of Melbourne which documented successful co-location and preparations for the next steps in collaboration
  • Reviewed a Victorian statewide financial inclusion service in relation to best practice and best fit in the service system
  • Supported two national peak bodies to enable them to participate successfully in government policy debates

Specialist areas of expertise:

  • Leadership in the non-profit community services sector
  • Community services hubs – planning, implementation, evaluation and policy support for collaborative ways of bringing services into communities
  • Child and family services – thinking outside the square about how to build communities of support around families with young children

Driven by values:

  • Clarity, transparency and accountability
  • Courage to stand up for social justice, equality of opportunity, community empowerment and inclusion
  • High-quality work, on time and within budget